EVERLAST SEALS & SUPPLY specializes in providing custom manufactured parts and products to your exact specifications. All jobs are processed by trained professionals and closely monitored by highly experienced supervisors every step of the way. From the tooling of laser dies to bar coding, packing and shipping of your order, EVERLAST get's it right every time.


  • • Non-Metallic
  • • Vulcanized
  • • Custom
  • • Flanged
  • • Jacketed
  • • Metal
  • • Spiral Wound

Everlast will custom fabricate any configuration Gasket or Seal to meet your exact specifications. Our large inventory of non-metallic materials in both mil-spec and commercial tolerances can accommodate your needs in any application.



  • • Hydraulic
  • • Plain Encased
  • • Custom Molded
  • • Mechanical

Everlast manufactures high quality oil seals for a wide array of industries. Our seals offer extremely dependable sealing in both high and low pressure applications with superior high and low temperature capabilities.



  • • Nitrile
  • • Viton
  • • Neoprene
  • • Silicone
  • • Butyl
  • • EPDM

Everlast's high performance O-Rings can be manufactured using a variety of elastomers in both standard and metric sizes and to either mil-spec or commercial tolerances. Everlast's O-Rings are designed to perform in a wide range of applications with varying chemical exposures, pressures and temperatures.



  • • Solid Rubber
  • • Sponge
  • • Silicone

Everlast produces custom extruded tubing, stripping and cord that can be cut, coiled or spooled to your specifications. A full range of material hardness is available in both solid and sponge.



Molded from any commercial or ASTM/mil-spec elastomers, Everlast specializes in producing custom molded rubber parts designed to your exact specifications. Tight tolerances, low cost tooling and quick turn-around time allow us to meet the high demands of engineering and manufacturing departments.



  • • Compression Molded
  • • Transfer Molded
  • • Rubber Bonding to Metal

Everlast can manufacture and supply you with any size custom bumpers or pads using a variety of manufacturing methods in any natural or synthetic material. Our large inventory of Elastomers allows us to offer a wide range of colors to suit your needs.



Everlast's conventional and high speed punch presses together with strict manufacturing protocols give us the ability to produce short or production run parts while adhering to tight tolerances. Additional services such as tumbling, plating, heat treating and coating are also available.